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Site Guidelines

The Community Directory is a service provided by Manningham Council for the purpose of providing information of NOT-FOR-PROFIT organisations to residents, ratepayers and visitors to the City of Manningham.

In order to have your community organisation listed in the Community Directory, the following guidelines apply:

  1. Only groups, activities and organisations whose activities occur within Manningham or have specific relevance to the residents and ratepayers of Manningham may be published.
  2. Only groups, activities and organisations whose activities are non-profit will be published. Groups whose activities are primarily profit making should be published to Council’s Business Directory
    An exemption will be made for so-called community businesses such as schools, nursing homes and the like

  3. The publication of any listings will be at the discretion of Council, and Council's decision is final.
  4. Only groups, activities and organisations whose activities are deemed non-political will be published.
  5. Political activity is defined as including, but also extending beyond, the support of political parties or of those seeking political office. Supporting or opposing a change to the law or policy is regarded as a political purpose. Attempts to sway public opinion on controversial social issues may also be regarded as political. Therefore promotion of public meetings, lobby groups and other activities will not be accommodated on the site.
  6. Only groups, activities and organisations that engage in non-discriminatory and legal activities will be published.
  7. Listings that are deemed to be derogatory, defamatory or contain an incitement to violence or hatred will not be posted.
  8. Community listings may remain on the Community Directory for no longer than 14 months before they must be reviewed.