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Young Yogis Yoga for Kids

Doncaster East,
Doncaster East, 3109, Australia
Contact Phone: 
0400 997 256

Young Yogis

Fridays 4.30pm to 5.30pm

Grounded with Gratitude offers yoga classes to children (ages 4 to 16).  A friendly supportive class that welcomes children of all backgrounds and abilities. This class fosters respect for one another whilst embracing our differences.


Children learn best when they are enjoying themselves. Young Yogis classes combine yoga postures with play, stories, partner/group work and games and include exercises focusing on breath, visualisation, relaxation and meditation. There is a balance between structure and spontaneity, excitement and calm.


Yoga manages and soothes emotions, removing anxiety through stretching and breathing, and enhances mental focus and physical performance.  The relaxation helps children calm down and soothe themselves to sleep. Learning to breathe with awareness may help kids to control their anger (releasing negativity and excess energy) and can give shy ones more confidence and self-acceptance. Yoga keeps the bones healthy, strong and aligned, and the muscles around them supple. Muscles are massaged in many of the postures. Balancing poses enhance focus, equipoise, grace and concentration. They awaken creativity and fine-tune the mind. Poses named after animals and geometric angles encourage imagination and play, combined with strength, fitness and discipline. The ‘whole’ child is treated- mind, body and emotions.

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